I haven’t blogged in TWO WHOLE DAYS

I have just been so damn BUSY.
Quick version of the past two days: fitbit is wonderful, my lungs feel better, and I’m down to a 38″ waist. I started out at 46″. 
Long version:
Omg. I fucking love my fitbit. I’m only posting my stats from today and yesterday, because the first day I had it I didnt have my fitbit on until 2pm. Swear this thing is so motivational. Everyone should get one, and be my friend on there! My name on fitbit is “Flo Mack”. Idk if that’s how you become my friend, but hopefully so.

Also, I’ve downloaded the partner app, fitstar, and I paid for the premium version. Let me just say HELL FUCK YEAH. They do a fitness test and then place you at levels for different areas of exercise and you rate how hard/easy each exercise is as you do it. I really like it. And having a personal trainer in my phone for 40 bucks a year is the best. I am straight up considering dropping my curves membership.
Also, I have walked 10+ miles in the past two days, and will hopefully turn that into 15+ tomorrow. 



Also, I’ve been playing around with different foods. Here are some of my meals from the past few days:

And here are some pics of me, just because!

I am so in love with my new lifestyle. I have never been more confident, more excited, or more proud of myself.

Thanks for being a part of it.


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