Well, it’s morning.

And I lost a pound. Finally. My first pound down in a whole week! My current weight is 188 lbs. That is a loss of 26 pounds total! And I’m on track to my next mini goal which is 164 lbs by April 10th. 

My son starts his new daycare today, so I will be a mess ALL day worrying about how he’s adjusting and everything. But! I get to go to the gym without stressing over childcare. And I’ll go every day this week! Hopefully that will make up for what I’ve been slacking on the past couple weeks. All I know is I want to be 180 by next Wednesday, because that’s when my next weight loss doctor appointment is. That’s a week and a half. I got this! It’s only 8 measly pounds. I want to go in that doctors office and be able to tell them that I’ve lost 34 pounds, and I really think with hardwork the next week and a half, I’ll do it. 
It isn’t easy, but it will be so worth it. 


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