The Curves Circuit

I go to curves gym. Yes, that gym for women that seems like some kind of weird scam. Strangely, they aren’t a scam, it’s super affordable, and there’s no judgment. I promise I get no money from them for saying that, it’s just the first gym I’ve had a positive experience with.
Now every curves gym is different, but the one I go to, the circuit starts with running in place, and you then move to a machine, switching between running in place and the machines every 30 seconds.

That’s basically how they are all set up, between each machine you run in place on those boards, called “recovery boards”. Their purpose is to keep your heart rate up your entire circuit.
There’s machines that work your legs, your arms, your core. There’s a machine where you do a weighted squat, one where you’re rowing, and one where you’re doing resistance strength building.
The point of the circuit is to get a low impact, full body workout while keeping an elevated heart rate to burn fat and build lean muscle.

I, personally, love the curves circuit. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me. That’s what counts.


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